What a difference a year makes

Remember the blog entry about the Melting Cake??? Well it’s been 12 months since Mother Nature played her cruel joke on me, simultaneously baking Sydney and melting my cake!

What a difference a year makes Old Woman …. My eyes are clearer, my cakes are better (and firmer) and your getting soft in your old age. Or is it just that your plans for 2014 don’t include breaking any records in Sydney this January?? I shouldn’t antagonise the beast. There’s many a cake still to be made this summer. I can laugh about it now…. Still wish I had seen a photo of that melted cake though 🙂

So last week, as promised, I delivered a miniature version of that fateful wedding cake to the door of the most understanding Bride of 2013. It was my absolute pleasure to do this as a first anniversary gift to the lovely couple.

Grabbing my car keys and walking out the door with cake in hand, a wash of panic came over me as I saw the Frustrated Painters car and realised he was well on his way to QLD in MY car with HIS car keys!!! Are you kidding me?????

His suggestion when I called for help….. silence….. then “there is a spare key in the drawer, it’s not broken, just bent and twisted. Get a hammer and try to smash it flat”!!!!

I did and then delivered the cake.

X Nadia

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