Let them Eat Cake

In a house with 4 hungry kids, a husband and a cupcake-wrapper-eating dog, nothing goes to waste. Leftovers are my sometimes saviour AND my favourite. Many a meal have pulled from whats left in the fridge and the cupboard food. After dozens of whiney complaints of “there’s nothing to eat”, the leftovers and cupboard food are tossed and turned and arranged into a meal and they all wonder how dinner happened so quickly! Leftovers are MY friend but its what the kids call ‘Restovers” that they truly love.

Restover [rest-oh-ver]


  1. fresh off cuts, lids and crusty bits from cakes that are cut off, thrown into a bowl, wrapped in clingwrap, shoved in a bag and brought home from my studio, to be eaten later.



This week the “restovers” got a little fancy. There was swiss meringue buttercream, raspberries and maltesers hanging around the studio and they found thier way onto crusty bits of cake-off-cuts.

Well if your going to eat scraps, you may as well do it right ……..



Rather than shoving scraps in a bowl, I treated them with a little more dignity today. Afterall it is the cake they come from that lets me do what I do everyday!


Restovers 2 ways: round cutters, mason mars, great big spoons, swiss meringue, chocolate mud and white chocolate mud cake scraps and raspberries.

IMG_4396layering, piping, stacking and fillling.


It always seems such a terrible shame to cut those beautiful crusty tops off my beloved cakes. It’s been 12 years since I have bitten through the caramalised crunchiness of that sugary crust but I have never forgotten it. Damn you Coeliac disease and your gut ruining nastiness!!! I bake plenty a gluten free version but nothing compares to the original.


Now that is what I call scraps.


If you find yourself close by my studio, never hesiatate to pop in and say Hi. You might have to fight Maree for the beater but theres usually plenty of Restovers laying around.

X Nadia

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