It’s been almost 10 years

Actually, more like 15 years. I’m pretty sure I gave birth to number 4 in between delivering orders to our then distributor while picking up and dropping kids off to Preschool AND school. Somewhere in there, we had 4 kids at three different schools, while running two small businesses and then BOOM … number 4 is the only one left in school and I have been in a Shopfront for 10 years! I swear it went that fast and I’m feeling the need to take some time to stop and smell the Roses – not just the cake. They have all grown up and I’m not sure I caught it all! They visit me at the shop if they want to see me for more than a couple of hours a day, so do my Mum and my Husband which I love but also makes me sad. So I’m going to slow down a little, while they still need me and remember who I am.

I won’t be taking any new orders for a while! I will be completing all the orders I have already accepted – there are weddings and birthdays and all sorts of celebrations I’ll be baking and creating for the rest of the year but that will be it for a while. There’s also homework and assessments, teenage drama, and my family’s health and wellbeing I need to look after. So I’m going to slow down and see what life brings. I’m planning on teaching some classes and creating some content for you all but at a pace that is much more reasonable and respectful of my own mind, body and spirit.

Life is Short and I don’t want to miss out on all the good bits because my face is always in the oven.

X Nadia

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