It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses A Leg

I have spider veins all over my legs – its the curse of the woman who rarely sits down. These I can deal with. It’s the Spider bite on my leg that seems to be causing the problem. Of all the issues I could imajine may pop up in the absense of my husband; a large, hard, poison-filled spider BITE would have to be the last thing to cross my mind. Surely the presence of a grotesque looking and very painful sore on my calf should enlicit feelings of fear and panic into my soul….. but no! I am proud to show-off my facebook-famous new lump. Even posting regular updates and photos of its growing severity. Not one to bruise easily, I am always the bridesmaid, never the bride, when it comes to comparing injuries with the girls at training. But this….this is fabulous and a clear winner. Well at least this is what I thought until my whole leg started to hurt and the antibiotics I was prescribed at the Medical Centre, failed to reduce or even slow down the rise of the ever reddening, poison-filled sac. “Its all fun and games till someone loses a leg” kept running through my head as I made a hasty appointment with my family Doctor. “Just wanted to check a white tip wasn’t making a meal of my flesh or a family of mini spiders were not about to crawl out from within the lump on my leg”. He smiled as he jabbed me with a tetanus filled vaccine and said “technically, it is possible”.

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