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Have you ever made a cake to take to a party, that didn’t turn out quite the way you had hoped? The cake didn’t rise, the frosting didn’t whip or the colours were all wrong? That Youtube video made piping look so easy but your rosettes were uneven and the kisses looked like witches hats? This course, will teach you those basics and show you how to make a beautifully decorated cake that you can take anywhere. Baked and decorated in the same container, it’s the Perfect BYO Party cake that makes less mess and washing up than any other cake I have met!. With these recipes and a new set of piping skills, you will be able to whip up this cake anytime and impress everyone you know. While these videos are aimed at our younger artists, the lessons and techniques are suited to anyone who wants to learn the basics. *DIY Kits available to purchase with this class.

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