Chaos and Couture?

Specialist appointments, hairdressers and pink hair, driving lessons, tutoring, course applications, school plays, training, missing school, work dinners, cries of “I have NOTHING to wear”, teacher meetings, allergic reactions, forgotten items, arguments, yelling and late notes, AUSGRID and no power, the never ending rain, a car window that won’t go back up, back doors that are so swollen I can’t open them, oven door handle falling off, 2 phone calls from two separate schools with kids in sick bay, sleepovers, sore tummies and eyelash extensions, a car with no rego and door with a broken strap …. and that was ALL LAST WEEK! I’m not joking, it truly was! Just when you think you are done and they have all finished asking for things, the alarm goes off, you get up and it starts all over again and again and again. That is my house and that is the Chaos.


The Couture can be found in my shop, where the cakes are handmade and they themselves, ask for nothing. I can spend all week with them and they don’t utter a single sound, they don’t even know my name. They don’t need their clothes washed, breakfast made or uniform ironed! They don’t want money for excursions or Ubers and they generally don’t ask if I can drive them to their friends house or for money to get their nails done. They don’t have sore tummies and I have never been asked to pick one up at 1am. They are happy to be dressed by me, trusting me to choose them the right outfit, with matching accessories, appropriate for the occasion. Sometimes, when the dress code calls for semi or even naked, there’s a bit more of a discussion, making sure everything is covered in just the right places but still, never an argument and certainly not a disagreement ……… In the event of a wardrobe malfunction, the offending materials are just removed and eaten! No questions asked, it’s as simple as that.


But that was last week. Next week will be different. When the Chaos is the 40 degree heat and sweating cakes that won’t do what is expected of them and the Couture takes the shape of my beautiful family and friends, holding me up to make sure I keep going.





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