Diary of a Madwoman and My Life In Cake

Chaos and Couture?

Specialist appointments, hairdressers and pink hair, driving lessons, tutoring, course applications, school plays, training, missing school, work dinners, cries of “I have NOTHING to wear”, teacher meetings, allergic reactions, forgotten items, arguments, yelling and late notes, AUSGRID and no power, the never ending rain, a car window that won’t go back up, back doors that are so swollen I cant open them, oven door handle falling off, 2 phone calls from two separate school with kids in sick bay, sleepovers, sore tummys and eyelash extensions, a car with no rego and door with a broken strap …. and that was ALL LAST WEEK!  Im not joking, it truly was! Just when you think you are done and they have all finished asking for things, the alarm goes off, you get up and it all starts all over again and again and again. That is my house and that is the “Chaos”.


The “Couture” can be found in my shop., where the cakes are handmade and they themselves, ask for nothing. I can spend all week with them and they don’t utter a single sound, they don’t even know my name. They don’t need their clothes washed, breakfast made or uniform ironed! They don’t want money for excursions and they generally don’t ask if I can drive them to their friends house  or for money to get their nails done like their friends. They don’t have sore tummies and I have never been asked to pick one up at 1am. They are happy to be dressed by me, trusting me to choose them the right outfit, with matching accessories, appropriate for the occasion. Sometimes, when the dress code calls for semi or even naked, theres a bit more of a discussion, making sure everything is covered in just the right places but still, never an argument and certainly not a disagreement ……… In the event of a wardrobe malfunction , the offending materials are just removed and eaten! No questions asked, It’s as simple as that.


But that was last week. Next week might be different. . When the “Chaos” is the cakes that wont do what is expected and the “Couture” takes the shape of my beautiful girls, holding me up to make sure I keep going. 



It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses A Leg

I have spider veins all over my legs – its the curse of the woman who rarely sits down. These I can deal with. It’s the Spider bite on my leg that seems to be causing the problem. Of all the issues I could imajine may pop up in the absense of my husband; a large, hard, poison-filled spider BITE would have to be the last thing to cross my mind. Surely the presence of a grotesque looking and very painful sore on my calf should enlicit feelings of fear and panic into my soul….. but no! I am proud to show-off my facebook-famous new lump. Even posting regular updates and photos of its growing severity. Not one to bruise easily, I am always the bridesmaid, never the bride, when it comes to comparing injuries with the girls at training. But this….this is fabulous and a clear winner. Well at least this is what I thought until my whole leg started to hurt and the antibiotics I was prescribed at the Medical Centre, failed to reduce or even slow down the rise of the ever reddening, poison-filled sac. “Its all fun and games till someone loses a leg” kept running through my head as I made a hasty appointment with my family Doctor. “Just wanted to check a white tip wasn’t making a meal of my flesh or a family of mini spiders were not about to crawl out from within the lump on my leg”. He smiled as he jabbed me with a tetanus filled vaccine and said “technically, it is possible”.

Let them Eat Cake

In a house with 4 hungry kids, a husband and a cupcake-wrapper-eating dog, nothing goes to waste. Leftovers are my sometimes saviour AND my favourite. Many a meal have pulled from whats left in the fridge and the cupboard food. After dozens of whiney complaints of “there’s nothing to eat”, the leftovers and cupboard food are tossed and turned and arranged into a meal and they all wonder how dinner happened so quickly! Leftovers are MY friend but its what the kids call ‘Restovers” that they truly love.

Restover [rest-oh-ver]


  1. fresh off cuts, lids and crusty bits from cakes that are cut off, thrown into a bowl, wrapped in clingwrap, shoved in a bag and brought home from my studio, to be eaten later.



This week the “restovers” got a little fancy. There was swiss meringue buttercream, raspberries and maltesers hanging around the studio and they found thier way onto crusty bits of cake-off-cuts.

Well if your going to eat scraps, you may as well do it right ……..



Rather than shoving scraps in a bowl, I treated them with a little more dignity today. Afterall it is the cake they come from that lets me do what I do everyday!


Restovers 2 ways: round cutters, mason mars, great big spoons, swiss meringue, chocolate mud and white chocolate mud cake scraps and raspberries.

IMG_4396layering, piping, stacking and fillling.


It always seems such a terrible shame to cut those beautiful crusty tops off my beloved cakes. It’s been 12 years since I have bitten through the caramalised crunchiness of that sugary crust but I have never forgotten it. Damn you Coeliac disease and your gut ruining nastiness!!! I bake plenty a gluten free version but nothing compares to the original.


Now that is what I call scraps.


If you find yourself close by my studio, never hesiatate to pop in and say Hi. You might have to fight Maree for the beater but theres usually plenty of Restovers laying around.

X Nadia

Instagram comp

Follow me on Instagram @cakesbynadia to go in to the draw to win one tier of your wedding cake for free.*

How to enter:

1. Take a photo of my business card or brochure from the bridal fair and post it on your feed.
2. Then tag @cakesbynadia and hashtag #bridalfaircomp

*Only one entry per person. Single tier up to the value of $250. Winner will be drawn on the 9th of February and posted on Instagram.

ABS Bridal Fair is on!

Pop on down to the former Sydney Entertainment Centre and now known as the Qantas Credit Union Centre, in Sydney this weekend. Pop past and say hi and check out my display at the ABS Bridal Fair. Love to see you there.

P.S. I might just have some cake samples…


Ready Steady Cook

One of the advantages of so many children is there is always one of them around, usually asking me for something, but nonetheless, there is always one right by my side.

An added advantage is this generation of kids are computer-savvy, ipod-able and technologically-gifted. Put these two together and you have an 8 year old that can film a video clip of me decorating one of my cakes, add special effects and upload it to Youtube. So here it is…….

This was the cake that I was asked to make for the filming of the 1000th Celebration show for Ready Steady Cook. This is one of the many parts that no 3 filmed and the part that she gave me permission to post on my blog. I hope you like it.

X Nads

Book now for 2015

Just a little heads up that I am booked out completely for the rest of August, September and October. I still have a few dates available for November and December but they are going fast too. Lots of wedding cakes and  I have taken on a bit of Photo chef work so won’t be in the Studio much for the next few months. Cupcake Day will still be going strong (It just won’t be me in there selling on the day). Let me know if you would like to order cupcakes for pickup on Tuesday. Orders need to be placed by end of business Friday before the Tuesday.

X Nadia

Tuesday is CUPCAKE DAY

Pop in to the Studio on a Tuesday and indulge in one of my cupcakes. This week it’s “The Classic” … white chocolate raspberry, choc mud and caramel mud. $4.50 each and limited supply only. So be early and don’t miss out. Open from 10:00am – 3:00pm.

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Join the movement. Get out there and Shop Small!

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